List of articles published during 1987-1990:

February 1987  Directions ‘Great theatre in Hungary’, June 1987 Directions ‘The translation of Miklos Hubay’s Freud’, 4 October 1987 Directions ‘A tourist’s view of art in Hungary’, 16 December 1987 Directions ‘One more step: the story of an interview’, 9 March 1988 Directions ‘Art, revolution and society’, 27 April 1988 Directions ‘Venice, centre of culture’, 29 June 1988 Directions ‘Babel lives again.’ , July 1988 The Age Monthly Review ‘Self Censoring: Notes on contemporary Hungarian theatre’ , 28 October 1988 Daily News ‘An odd couple: Karoly Pulszki and Thomas Shapcott’, 14 December 1988 Directions ‘Under Another sky’, 8 March 1989 Directions ‘Another dreaming passing? The unique Transylvanian culture, and its remarkable oral literature, is under threat of extinction.’, May 1989 Quadrant ‘Attila Jozsef (1905-1937): A Poetry reading in Budapest’, May 1989 The Age Monthly Review ‘The Orchard Across the Border: Ceausescu’s plans for Transylvania’, 10 May 1989 Directions ‘Another old man comes home’, 5 November 1989 Directions ‘Optimism in Eastern Europe’, 7 March 1990 Directions ‘What was it really like in Budapest’, April 1990 The Age Monthly Review ‘Dislocation’ , 4 July 1990 Directions ‘The Gypsies in Hungary’, March 1992 24 Hours ABC-FM Stereo. Radio National. ABC Concerts. ‘corruption caricature & capitalism’ (about Gogol’s The Inspector General)

1993  |  George Turner: One of Australia’s Best Kept Secrets | Publication: Overland

1994  |  On Andy Warhol some personal anguish and the last 25 years in general.Publication: Arena Magazine

1994  |  Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who’s the bravest of them all?: A personal view of writing for the theatre in Australia.Publication: Overland

199?   |  Excerpt from Turner biog | Publication: New York Review of Science Fiction

2006  |  The Best Time of their Lives: Researching the History of Prahran Technical SchoolPublication: Provenance: The Journal of Public Record Office Victoria, issue no. 5, 2006.  ISSN 1832-2522.  

2013  |  At the city’s edge’ in Sea of dreams : Port Phillip Bay 1915-2013. Part two. | A Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery exhibition